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What Gives You Life & Happiness

Isn’t it crazy how the most important five things in earth doesn’t cost us a dime and gives us so much life and happiness but everything that is man made taken from earth cost us money, depression, greed, stress, lust, violence and ect. Well please let me explain my reasoning! Now I’m not saying that it doesn’t present some good but it’s these present things in life that if you only had that, not only would not be happy but life would be gone. People ask or surprised how happy, grateful, compassionate, determine and no I am thinking I’m not rich and no I don’t make six figures at all. You know why? Because the most important things I need in life doesn’t charge me a dime for what it gives so I ask you why aren’t becoming this way if you aren’t already? Things that gives us life and happiness and doesn’t judge us for any of our faults, what are they you say?

Trees- Gives us oxygen, clean air, produces food, shelter, heat, shade and food for animals and insects.

Land- Gives us and all living things structure, adventure, food, shelter, dreams, memories.

Water- Gives all us life, cool us down, adventure, memories, sites, plants, mammals

Sun- Gives all of us life, heat, happiness, food, belief, energy and entertainment

Animals-food, action over words, friendship, compassion, eco-system, protection, meaning

All these were lost at one point in life and you suffer then any man made things because those are luxuries and those those never give you peace. We still kill ourselves for this non existent man made things which is crazy because within 30-90 days you will still be alive, feed, entertained, friendship and love. So ask yourself why? Because the writer means nothing without the listener because action is needed on both sides. Why aren’t we doing what we are capable for earth and beating ourselves into the ground for something that wouldn’t be in history without these five things. I promise if you realize what these five do for you so much more you won’t kill urself for things that’s will never give peace because you will never have freedom that earth gives. Love you all Life is Life❤️❤️🌲🌷🍂🪵🌼🌈

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