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"Overcoming" - July 2022

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

This has to be the toughest thing I have ever shared but I know this story will give everyone confidence on not giving up and not letting evil win!! At the age of 3 I not only lost my father but my second family. It was September 16th, the day of my father and stepmom engagement party. Later that evening when the event was full of laughs n smiles, a war vet started shouting at my parents for music selection and disapproval of inter-racial marriage of a French & black man n Canadian women. After a yelling match, my parents and guests went inside the house, but a few minutes later the war vet shot down the door with a shotgun and started shooting the house. After shooting a couple of my family members, he stormed upstairs to chase my mom n dad. As he blew the door open, my last breath to my mom was, "I love you so much and we will see each other again". As my dad tried to push me off, he loaded the shotgun aimed at my step mom n her sister. My dad jumped in with his back turned towards the gunman n held his family as he took 3 blasts to the back n died as the shooter smiled. A few seconds later, policemen enter the house n arrested him - he served 25 years in a mental prison. Just imagination a 3 year old seeing n hearing all that death n hate. Now, I could've just ended up hating soldiers, whites and the justice system. For years I couldn’t stop crying n crying n crying!!! But I taught myself that with the help of the universe, I would keep my dad n stepmom's name alive. So I battle through what evil tried to turn me into the man that killed my dad!! I forgave, I loved and respected everything that entered my path! My father was a great man and the best way to keep him alive was living out my dream and helping others see the love in everything around them. So whatever you're going through, whoever you lost!! Just know that wasn’t never the final chapter of their life or yours. Let me be an example of your change as I let you into my life!! You are stronger than anything physical or mental event that happens, because you are ❤️! Love you all and I pray you read this with an open heart and change for better.



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Unknown member
Dec 27, 2022

Marc - This brings a whole new perspective to the person you are. You’re kindness, ability to forgive, and pursuit of happiness are completely inspiring. Love you good brother. Life Is Life… But also, Life Is Life!!!

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