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My Favorite design and why???????

My favorite design is the Life is Life Clothing Brand logo!!! Why you Say? Because it represents everything on earth that we need as living things on earth! Isn’t it crazy the main things talked about and what we need on earth isn’t what we need to survive? That’s why this design was created! All things created not because of humans but evolved us as well. The trees which provide clean oxygen, shelter, warmth, beauty, tools for all. The sun that provides warmth, beauty, energy, life in everything possible. The water which gives life to all living things, energy, entertainment for all. . The land which gives all of us homes, nature, infrastructure, money, education and entertainment for all. The stars that gives faithfulness, happiness, peace, beauty, belonging and knowledge for all. Just imagine if we put these things first in our hearts and just see your happiness and peace obtained.

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